Customized e-learning
environments in a virtual campus

We consider universities to be communities that you always remain connected to once you have finished your studies. You keep in touch through job offers and complementary training, events, meetings between alumni…

Our platform is ideal for this, providing an open and accessible meeting place from anywhere in the world and through any device.



Promote your university through virtual job fairs, inviting companies and students from all over the world so that they can get to know the training offer in detail and be attended and advised in real time. In this way you will increase the probability of achieving new registrations.

It impresses the potential student body that is looking for the university where to study. It recreates the facilities in our virtual world and offers visitors a virtual tour of the campus.

Create alumni events to keep the link with the institution alive and to become advocates. They can continue to grow in their preparation or participate in employability or entrepreneurship programs.

Introduce and develop virtual online classes to engage students who cannot travel, allowing them to learn from a distance in a fully participatory way.


Online classes where the teacher and students interact in a common virtual environment and enjoy complete communication in real time, where you can carry out the same dynamics of a class in the real world: workshops, practices, discussion groups …

The possibilities of «gamification» offered by a virtual 3D campus contribute significantly to making courses more productive and attractive to students. They promote a collaborative environment and motivation, and allow different learning techniques to be worked on.

Interaction through avatars in a 3D world is more fun and provides better results in the communication and networking of students, thus increasing the level of participation in different activities.

Cooperative learning is the driving force behind our online education model and provides universities with digital resources, games and activities to encourage virtual interaction.


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